Conference / Workshop temp

(satellite meeting of STATPHYS 25)

July 29-31, 2013
POSTECH (APCTP Headquarters), Pohang, Korea

The annual colloquium, now in its ninth consecutive year, providesu a platform for the presentation of interdisciplinary ideas from different communities, for instance economics and finance, physics, mathematics, biology, computer science, engineering, etc.
The main aim of this colloquium is to foster an open-minded, cross-fertilizing, and regular exchange of ideas among scholars and practitioners of the different fields in a friendly environment.

제 7회 경제사회물리 연구회 모임

날짜 : 2013년 3월 29일 (금요일)
장소: KAIST  물리학과, 대전u
14:00 - 14:10 인사말 - 김승환 교수 (포항공대)
14:10 - 15:00 경제물리의 최근 동향 - 오갑진 교수 (조선대학교)
15:00 - 15:30 휴식
15:30 - 16:20 How fat is fat for a human? - 김범준 교수 (성균관대)
16:20 - 17:10 Faster is more different: mean-field dynamics of innovation diffusion - 백승기 박사 (KIAS)
17:30 - 20:00 저녁식사 및 회의

February 17-19, 2013
POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

Invited Speaker
    Kwang-Hyun Cho (KAIST, Korea)
    Kwang-Il Goh (Korea University, Korea)
    Daehee Hwang (POSTECH, Korea)
    Junghyo Jo (APCTP, Korea)
    Pan-Jun Kim (APCTP, Korea)
    Philip M. Kim (University of Toronto, Canada)
    Nathan D. Price (Institute for Systems Biology, USA)
    Hiroki R. Ueda (RIKEN, Japan)

February 2-4, 2012
POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

    Janusz Holyst (Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Poland) 
    Hawoong Jeong (KAIST, Korea) 
    Woo-Sung Jung (POSTECH, Korea) 
    Okyu Kwon (National Inst. for Mathematical Sciences, Korea) 
    Sai-Ping Li (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) 
    Gabjin Oh (Chosun Univ., Korea) 
    Alexander Petersen (Univ. of Lucca, Italy) 
    Hang-Hyun Jo (Aalto University, Finland)
    Wei-Xing Zhou (East China Univ. of Science and Technology, China) 
    Jong Wook Kim (APCTP, Korea)

August 24-27, 2009
POSTECH (APCTP Headquarters), Pohang, Korea

The primary aim of this school is to provide future econophysicists with a broad perspective in current research and the basic knowledge on the emerging field. Particularly, this school focuses on the application of econophysics theory to the financial market and the interdisciplinary studies in mathematics, economics, financial engineering, and physics as well as other fields.