Physics of Social Complexity (PoSCo)

Post date: 2015. 2. 26 오전 3:53:17

Venue: APCTP Headquarters (POSCO International Center), Pohang

Period: January 28 (Wed), 2015 ~ January 29 (Thu), 2015


The International Workshop on Physics of Social Complexity (PoSCo) is organized in order to bring together the top scientists in the emerging field of social physics, aiming at facilitating the communication and collaboration among participants. The future of social physics will be also discussed in the workshop.

Topics: Various subjects in social physics and econophysics


January 28 (Wednesday)

- Session 1 [13:00 - 14:30]

Chair: Hang-Hyun Jo

János Kertész, Kinetics of cascading spread of innovations

Byungnam Kahng, My role model network

Seung-Woo Son, Nash equilibrium and evolutionary dynamics in semifinalists' dilemma

- coffee break [14:30 - 15:00]

- Session 2 [15:00 - 16:30]

Chair: Takashi Shimada

Zhi-Qiang Jiang, Calling patterns in human communication dynamics

Petter Holme, Modeling the fat tails of size fluctuations in organizations

Sang Hoon Lee, Mesoscale Analyses of Political Networks

- coffee break [16:30 - 17:00]

- Session 3 [17:00 - 18:00]

Chair: Byungnam Kahng

Jae Woo Lee, X-events and Complex Systems

Hang-Hyun Jo, Coevolution of a network and perception

- banquet [18:00 - 20:00]

January 29 (Thursday)

- sandwiches and drinks [9:00 - 10:00]

- Session 4 [10:00 - 11:30]

Chair: János Kertész

Takashi Shimada, An "Ising Model" of evolving open systems

Pan-Jun Kim, Food and Nutrition: What the Human Body Wants

Woo-Sung Jung, Complex Network Analysis of the Korean Transportation Network